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The greatest challenge facing content creators today is balancing quality content with a monetisation strategy that is respectful to their audience and their needs. For me, inklpay is able to provide an answer to that challenge that scales and integrates with my existing tool set.
— Jon Westenberg, Founder of Creatomic with 107K followers on

Keep 90% of what you earn!

(we keep 5% and transaction fees average is 5%)


Valuable. For writers and audiences.


Stay in complete control of your content

inklpay's WordPress plugin offers three options for each piece of content.


Content is free to read, just like it is today.


The same as free except audiences can tip to say thanks.


For exclusive content. Keep longer posts, e-books or videos behind a paywall.

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The top six reasons to start using inklpay

Amazing Content

You’re already creating amazing content, why not use it to make money? Enabling your users to pay a small fee to view it is much quicker and simpler than you think.

Dying Ad Revenue

The big tech platforms absorb 90% of new advertising revenue. Even though the content you create is amazing, the opportunity to monetise it is not.

Reluctant To Subscribe

Your audience loves you. inklpay gives them the ability to reward and support you in the simplest and fastest way possible.


Getting users to pay a monthly subscription is hard. A fast and affordable micropayment is easy! A proven revenue generator, where the payments are micro, but the revenue is not.

Added Value

By using inklpay, you're also giving your audience access to inkl. inkl is the world's highest quality news source - bringing readers important stories from the world's best publishers.


It always pays to follow the money trail. inklpay lets you easily analyse the popularity and effectiveness of your content. That way, you'll be able to continue to create amazing content your users will love.

Inklpay is exactly what needs right now— a way to monetize our original content with the least amount of friction possible for the reader. I’ve been waiting for this solution for years, and now that AdPulp is an ad-free publication, inklpay is the perfect option for us. The advertising we used to run on our site tended to ruin the reader’s experience. inklpay enhances it!