Frequently Asked Questions

What is inklpay?

inklPay is a micropayment service that lets creators of amazing content collect 10c to read an article or post, or for an e-book or video.

What platforms does inklpay work on?

inklpay is designed to easily integrate into WordPress sites. Tell us which other platforms you would like to see inklpay operate on.

How does inklpay work?

inklpay provides a button that your audience can tap to pay or tip for content. On first use, they are prompted to create and verify their account. After that, they can pay with just one click.

What is the cost to a creator?

We charge a 10% transaction fee unless you are a publishing partner in which case inklpay is completely FREE. Contact us at to see if you qualify to become a publishing partner. The 10% transaction fee is GST-inclusive.

Does inklpay work with all types of online content?

inklpay can be used on any type of content - articles, blog posts, e-books or even videos. If you are creating amazing content, we want to work with you.

Can I choose how my I collect?

Remembering that simplicity is key, we recommend the standard price of 10c. You want your audience to be thinking about the content, not the cost, so keeping prices low is the way to go.

How often to creators get paid?

Each fortnight to their nominated bank account.

Who is inkl?

inkl is an aggregated platform for high-quality paid news from trusted sources. We partner with some of the world's best news organisations, including The Washington Post, Bloomberg, The Guardian, The Independent, Fairfax, Al Jazeera, and many more to ensure that readers get essential coverage without clickbait, gossip, or fake news. Our mission is to improve the world’s information diet.