Step 3: Introduce Your Audience To Micropayments

Audiences often respond well to understanding the effort that you invest to create great content. Here are some examples of what you can share with your audience to help them learn more about why you’re using micropayments and inklpay:


📖 I just started using #inklpay to help support my writing on [INSERT URL]. Check it out! @inkl @wordpressdotcom #greatcontent


I just started using #inklpay to help support my work on [INSERT URL]. From time to time we might ask you to tip of pay a small amount for articles on our site. It will go a long way to helping us bring you more great content so thanks in advance for your support!


This website uses inklpay to support our work to create great content.


(feel free to change this any way you like!)

Hi [Follower Name],

Thank you! For finding time to be part of my community. Today I’m excited to share a new partnership with inkl. The team there have designed a great way to help blogs generate income without advertising.

From today you’ll have the opportunity to tip or buy exclusive content by clicking one button at the bottom of my posts. Of course, this is optional. The reason I’m partnering with inkl is that I’m determined to keep writing in ways that helps you while managing the costs to maintain my blog.

If you wish to tip or buy access to a post, simply click on the button at the end of the post. You can set up an inkl account in no time, add some credit and go ahead and tip or buy. You’ll be set up quicker than a Formula 1 pit crew doing a tyre change! Setting up an account also means you can access content from these other great writers and inkl’s news app. 🙌

I really appreciate all your support, and hope that you will help me with this next step!

All my thanks, [My name]

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